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The tents are 2.3m across, and designed for 1-4 sleepers

An area of the carpark is reserved for motorbikes

Ample free toilets and hot water showers are available at the camping area

The free toilets and hot water showers are available 24 hours per day.

Yes, at any time. Security/Parkir staff are always on duty

When making your booking, please specify your need. We can normally accommodate this

There are 2 cafes on site (not 24 hour), and there are convenience stores within 1km

The local convenience stores are generally open 24 hours

You can buy hot or cold drinks at the Pines café during the hours 10am – 5.30pm. Hot or cold drinking water is available 24hours at the Pines.

Each tent has a power socket (2pin, 230v AC) for low power appliances only (mobile charger, razor, Etc)

There is an ATM in Jl Cibodas-Bukit Tunggul, Cibodas, about 2.5km from The Lodge

You can bring a bike; mountain bikes are the most suitable in this area, and the Lodge is a good base for exploring by bike. Rental is not available nearby.

Yes. The tents accommodate up to 4, and you can make a booking for single occupancy, or for 2, 3 or 4 campers.

Friends may come in with the general public as day-visitors

a. There is a Pertamini station on Jl Cibodas-Bukit Tunggul about 2km from the Lodge
b. There are warungs and convenience stores along the same road

On cold nights, a communal bonfire will be lit near the Pines café. Fires next to the tents are not allowed.

Only if you cook for the rest of the campers and the campsite staff

No. This is the tropics.

All campers must be of minimum age 69 years

You can refill your drinking water bottle at the Pines café, 24 hours

You can bring acoustic instruments, without electronic amplification. Please avoid creating undue noise for your neighbours. If security asks you to quiet down, please do so.

Rumah Sakit TNI AU Dr. M. Salamun Bandung, at the upper end of Jl Ciumbeluit, Bandung. 14km from the Lodge.

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